Hello. Hello to everyone who is reading this, but a special hello to the ‘ntombazanes; the banyanas; the black girls. This blog is for you. My name is Pelo Dineo Mpuru. I am a 16 year old South African, half Swati; half Pedi girl. I think it’s right about time for me to speak out, share my thoughts, and allow myself the pleasure to have an opinion!

The objective of this website is to vocalise in someway or the other, the beauty that is a black girl. There are so many facets of life that are confusing, frustrating and misunderstood – but I have no doubt in my mind and my spirit that a black girl, is pure gold.

This site isn’t to undermine other races, or to be gender biased. I am purely emphasising how incredible I find the culture and the versitility that is a black girl. “I don’t see how raising women’s esteem is a bad thing. As long as it’s not at the expense of the bible and at the expense of men.”

With all of this said, please enjoy being apart of my train of thought, my arguments and my passion.

Have fun with this website!



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